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Project Updates - Website & IRCE18

Greetings friends! Thought I'd write a quick post on updates on a couple of projects I've been working on lately.

My Website

A Retooling of Video Presentation.

If you are a frequent visitor to my website, which likely you aren't, you 've noticed some subtle design changes over the past few weeks. Previously I had every single video posted with short descriptions written just under them talking about the video. The video would then play on the website in its small little box. Initially, this was fine, but now that I have over 500 videos on my YouTube channel, this was getting to be a bit much.

Plus with Colt's Cocktails and Colt's Cult Classics often uploading batches of videos every month, it was very time consuming to update the pages with each video. From time to time it would be days or a week before I got to update the website with a new batch of videos.

Well, that is all changed now.

Each page has a single video player with the latest upload ready to go. I've also pulled some older video collections from the drop-down menu, leaving up only the most recent ones. These older video series are still very much alive on my website, but they've been linked on the home page of each category of videos. The best part, many of these video series should update on their own when I upload new videos to my YouTube Channel.

Amazon Ads

Previously I had some Google Ads on my website to kick me a few pennies every month. Up until this February, my videos would make a couple of bucks a month via YouTube ads. However, that has all come to a grounding halt thanks to noted YouTube idiots like Paul Logan. While he still keeps making thousands of dollars off of YouTube because he has millions of subscribers and views, I can not. I'm more or less 50% of the way there, but I don't see myself making the YouTube cut anytime soon.

Therefore, since I've demonstrated so many different products in the past, I've signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate!

Crazy right?

So basically if anyone likes one of the things I've demonstrated and they click on one of my links, I get a few pennies if they buy said product. I also get credit if someone buys something from Amazon after clicking on any other links. For example, check out all of the great Houseware Products I've tested over the years and see the products listed below.

Long term, I would love to start hitting up As Seen On TV companies and other marketing companies who hand out DVD of upcoming movies and do reviews of them in my spare time. Those folks are a dime a dozen, but if I chip away at it, I might be able to snag a few.

#IRCE18 Update

Slowly but surely things are moving towards me going to Chicago for the IRCE. There are still a few logistical things to figure out and it could still fall through, but I think I have a path to get that all cleared up.

What could put a dent in this is my ability to pay for it. Previously when I was with Taylor Gifts, they footed the entire adventure, which was nice. (Maybe their new owners would want to send me there. Hmm.) Last year I contributed a portion myself, and some businesses picked up the rest. This year, I have no one really to sponsor me. I don't blame the folks last year for not sending me this year, in the long run, the conference probably isn't the best thing for them.

But as an adventurer, entrepreneur, and amateur everything, I want to go and am trying my best to get there.

I've started a GoFundme page for folks to help me get out there. I either want to send everyone postcards while I am out there or track down a vendor for them. I would also love to swing by some corporate booths and do some plugs or write some blogs about them. We shall see.

If you'd like to give me a hand to get out there, but don't want a Postcard, just click here and do some Amazon shopping through my affiliate links. Then really, you aren't giving me a dime, it's Amazon and they've got PLENTY of dimes.

Thanks for your time fellow adventurers!

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