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All Good Things...

All good things must come to an end. I decided to retire, for the time being, Colt’s Cult Classics. Originally I created this series, along with Colt’s Cocktails, to be shown on the It’s Relevant TV Network. They have TV’s in thousands of businesses across the United States showing programming. Part of their screen is dedicated to the business where they can show ads or plug their services. I had been submitting videos to them every few months reviewing movies and occasionally putting in a cocktail video in there.

Initially, the videos got great play. They were not time-sensitive, since they talked about movies that had been out for years. They weren’t out of date the longer they were on there. However, businesses have started to move away from “evergreen” content and want things that are updated continuously. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources for that. YouTube does not share any ad revenue with folks like me, small content creators. So, I’d be making daily videos that would get shown a few times, and then that was it. As much as I enjoy making videos, I need to do them for a lot more than 25 cents.

In order for me to make a few nickels of off my YouTube videos, I need to meet a certain threshold for YouTube in terms of subscribers and views. I have about 60% of the subscribers required and about 25% of the required views. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

So, this is it for Colt’s Cult Classics! If you’d like to request a specific movie reviewed, I accept payments in Electroneum or XYO. That’s right, Colt’s Cult Classics Cost Crypto Currency from now on.

But I’ll still probably do some Colt Cocktails from time to time. At the end of those videos, I get a tasty treat.

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