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Podcasting with Colt Sebastian Taylor

The Saturday Report with Colt Sebastian Taylor

Broadcasting every Saturday at 11 am on AWSM Radio, this is a 30-minute or so program where I review some of the best stories of the week you may have missed.  There are a few stories that I will follow week to week to give you updates on, but mostly these are stories and news items that caught my attention, and I think you should know about them also.  Click here to visit AWSM Radio, and click the icon below to start listening to their programming! In addition to my Saturday show, you can catch two of my other pals on there.  The Rox Sessions, 5 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and DC Live In Effect on Fridays at 9 pm and Sundays at 10 pm. Visit their website to download their app onto your phone! 









Click Here to subscribe to have the show automatically downloaded onto your podcasts.  Shows are available on Anchor FM  Sunday afternoon and are uploaded there first before they are available on this website.  

The Longshots - A Dungeon and Dragon's Podcast

What's better than Colt Sebastian Taylor reading the news once a week?  Colt Sebastian Taylor fighting dragons, liches, and flirting with bartenders and royalty.  Listen weekly as I portray the fantasy version of myself, Colt Sebastian Taylor in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Sessions are broadcast live on Twitch!  Podcast versions are posted several days later on Click below to visit our Twitch Page.

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Episodes Not On

Original Colt Sebastian Taylor Character Artwork by Bea. Check out her work here.  

  • Twitch

Colt Sebastian Taylor Now On Twitch

  • Twitch

Yes friends! I am now on Twitch! When not auto-hosting sessions of The Long Shots, I can be seen here at least once a week recording my "Saturday Report" show for AWSM Radio. I will also, from time to time, come on and play World of Warships.  Follow my account and when you see me online, swing by and say hello.  Perhaps I will host a regular talk show in the future, but for now, it is for fun behind-the-scenes broadcasts and gaming. 

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