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Reputation Management

What's the good word? Hopefully, it's all good, but if you are in business long enough, you will eventually come across someone who will not be happy with you or a competitor that will try and to sully your good name. You may think you can sue people or the website to remove a bad review. This tactic, however, is rarely successful, and you are more likely to generate negative press then get it removed. Only slightly less bad is ignoring reviews altogether and letting inaccurate statements or misunderstanding fester online for all to see. You need to take a proactive role in managing your reputation.



Assume you don't have a listing because you've never submitted anything online? Chances are your business is listed somewhere, open for people to leave positive or negative reviews. Worse yet, your listing may have an incorrect address, phone number, hours of operation or an old website link. Search engines take information from publically available, but not always up to date information sources to generate your listing. I'll track down the most important ones, claim them for you, clean up any incorrect information, and show you how to monitor them. I can also monitor them on a daily basis and handle any negative responses in consultation with you. While it may be impossible to remove negative comments, pubically responding to them will show new customers your side of the story and that you take feedback seriously. 



The major listings I generally focus on claiming and monitoring include:







These are the four big places for your business to be listed, reviewed, and should be kept up to date. 


Depending on your specific industry, there could be other smaller but equally important listing sites and directories. I'll work with you to identify them, claim or create the listing, and monitor them for you 






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