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As I mentioned, I have years of experience in producing videos content. From interviews with business owners and their customers to product demonstration videos, I'm uniquely capable of telling your story.  I encourage you to view my videos and take a look at my work over the past several years. I try to be as authentic as possible and inject humor into my videos. I firmly believe that a business is much more memorable when they make someone laugh. 


If you choose to have videos filmed, I will work with you one on one to make sure that what we film covers all of the important points you want to convey.  Once filming is completed, I will edit the videos to your specifications.  You will retain all of the raw footage and completed product. With your permission, I can also upload and share these videos on my social media platforms. You are free to upload these videos to your social media sites and websites. 



We can also talk about boosting the reach of these videos through advertising, which can either be done through your social media platforms or mine.

Picture courtesy of eTail West.

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