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For many years I made many different videos on YouTube. When I began, it was mostly for the now defunct Taylor Gifts. I would hang out with the Duke of the Warehouse and test some of the products we sold there on video. I would then post them on YouTube and the website. Soon enough I was testing products on Amazon, entering video contests, working for TV stations, and interviewing CEO's at conferences.  Saddly, YouTube today is not the YouTube it was and smaller creates like me are not supported.  I used to make a few nickels and dimes off of my content until YouTube changed it rules and adjusted its algorithms. No longer being appreciated by this platform, I moved on and more or less retired from the platform in January of 2020. I might come back one day, but I wouldn't count on it anytime soon. This page has all of my adventures. Enjoy and feel free to explore!  

Below is my announcement regarding my departure from YouTube as well as categories of videos I've produced.  

The videos on my YouTube Channel can be divided into three categories: Adventures, Interviews, and Product Demos.  Below are links to the main page of each of these categories. I have also created pages that have grouped together similar videos or videos that were part of a contest. I hope you enjoy them!

The Adventures of Colt Sebastian Taylor

The Interviews of Colt Sebastian Taylor

The Product Demos of Colt Sebastian Taylor

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