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Digital Marketing

Marketing for a small business can be challenging nowadays. Previously word of mouth or a listing in the Yellow Pages was probably more than enough to get the job done. Today, however, there are many different ways people search for information and communicate with a business. In this ever-growing and changing digital landscape, a business owner can get into the weeds and quickly lost if they do it themselves. Most are already preoccupied with the nuts and bolts of serving the customers that come through the door and don't have much time to dedicate to attracting new ones. Sure you could hire a big name marketing company, but chances are you'll be assigned to a newly hired intern and every month you'll be talking to a "new account manager." 


The solution?


Colt Sebastian Taylor.


Adventure, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Maven.



If you have visited my website in the past, then you'll see that I love to film and produce videos. However, I have years of experience in a variety of other marketing skills that will help grow your business and attract new customers. There are various areas where I can assist you and I already help out a number of businesses in the Shillington, Reading, Birdsboro, and Philadephia area.


Areas where I can assist you and your business include:



Reputation Management


Social Media Management


Video Production


Digital Advertising


Website Analytics


My Availability & Feedback


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