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Availability & Feedback

Unfortunately, at this time, most of my availability is taken. I have about a dozen separate business owners who I am committed to with long-term projects. I likely do not have the additional bandwidth to take on another long-term project, although by all means get in contact with me. I don't like to make a blanket statement about being unavailable when I might be able to make something work.


Things I Would Like To Work On


I am always up for filming interviews at businesses or field testing products and services. These sort of projects are relatively easy for me to fit into my schedule.


I've always wanted to appear in local commercials in a pith helmet and vest "investigating" local businesses.  I would rearrange my schedule to make something like that happen.



What People Say About My Work


I don't like to share my client lists with folks, but I can provide references upon request.  However, some of my favorite quotes include: 



"Colt has been a great addition to our marketing. He has done several videos of events being held at our store. The response to his listings under our Facebook is phenomenal. We love having Colt visit us. He surely can create enthusiasm at any event."


"Colt has been an invaluable team member for the past two years, he has structured and maintained our web and social media presence at the highest level."

“Colt Sebastian Taylor brought a unique brand of humor and wit to our product demonstration videos while still effectively conveying the value and ease of use of the items we were selling.” 






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