Favorite Business

I meet a lot of interesting people and frequent many different businesses. Some are in passing and others have become close friends and reliable places I go to for services. Below are some of my favorite businesses. Check back often, as I’ll be adding more and more in the future.


Vegas Lancaster

There are several people I consider to be close confidants and reliable enough to ask to parachute into a jungle to break me out of a guerrilla encampment. When those folks are busy, I hit up my good friend Vegas Lancaster. He is a hilarious comedian and improvisor with The N Crowd. Based out of the Philadelphia area, he is as talented as they come. When he isn’t doing improv or stand up, he hangs out with the equally talented Cat London in a musical improv show called Cat & Vegas and the Temple of Boom. (Also check out their website.) He also does a mean Joe Biden impression. 

Sebastian Hunt


As you know I enjoy going to conferences. There is so much to learn there, so many interesting people to meet, and there is wonderful swag. However, the best thing that ever happened to me was meeting fellow adventurer Sebastian Hunt of Exhibition Magic. He is a specialized expo magician.  What does that mean? Well if you are a business who has a booth at a conference, you hire Sebastian to hang out at your booth and perform magic tricks. To the untrained eye, it looks like he is just entertaining folks who are passing by. However, he is screening people and sending high quality leads over to the business reps to talk about the product they are trying to sell. He’s very good at it. While he lives in the U.K., we’ve frequently crossed paths at conferences in the U.S. I’m hoping they make a TV series out of our fictional adventures.


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