Product Demos

I love trying out new products. It is always an adventure to see how they work and to see how well they work. Most of these videos are from my time at Taylor Gifts, but lately, other people have wanted me to try out their newest products. Below my latest product demos are categories of product videos I've produced. 

Latest Product Demos

Product Testing

Many of these videos below were created while I worked at Taylor Gifts. Some videos are after I worked there and were requested by others. Many of these categories are self-explanatory. 






Personal Care


Othere Product Related Videos

Below are videos I made for various contests or as a brand advocate for that product. 

Commercials & Other Commercials

Sparking Ice Water

Fireball Whisky

Spoof Dance


Many of the products I've field tested are As Seen On TV items. In all the years I've ever tested something, only one has never actually worked well. (It was an automatic can opener.) While I haven't tested every as seen on TV product, I hope to do some more soon. See something in my videos above that you'd like to check out for yourself?  Search for it below!