If you have a good product or a great business, then I'm often motivated to make a commercial for you. Also, there are a lot of contests that ask for commercials. Here are all of my commercials. You won't find more pith-helmeted spokesman anywhere else. Scroll down for some very special collections for commercials.  

Latest Commercials

AFC Urgent Care



Being an adventurer, I often need medical care for illnesses and injuries. There is no one better than my friends at AFC Urgent Care. From time to time they do seasonal promotions, and I take it upon myself to film some videos based on those promotions. Enjoy!


Miscellaneous Commercials


These are one-off commercial type videos. I've either filmed these for brands I like, or they were for video contests.


Sparkling Ice Water


In 2015, the fine folks at Sparkling Ice Water had a contest to promote their fine product. The grand prize was being featured on one of their bottles. While I didn't win their grand prize, I did win some of their weekly prizes. I thought I would be a great brand ambassador for their product, but I still enjoyed making videos for them nonetheless.'


Fireball Whisky


I'm a big fan of Fireball Whisky. So much so, I made some commercials for them as well as some PSAs. Whenever I visit a bar, my default drink is something involving Fireball Whisky. 


Spoofdance Film Festival


I made some fake commercials for a film festival to win some film equipment. While I didn't win anything, these commercials were featured in their "awards show" for that year.


Ethanol Videos


I made some videos talking about the wonders of ethanol for a contest sponsored by the Maryland Grain Producers. This was one of the few contests that I didn't win, and I was overly bitter about. (The other being the "How I Get Around" contest from Chris Hardwick and Comedy Central.) I think the biggest aspect of me being bitter was that these videos didn't even get an honorable mention.