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New Series - The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show

So as you may have noticed, I've started a new series called "The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show." With the retirement of Colt's Cult Classics, I felt like I needed to continue to film something. As much fun as it is to do Colt's Cult Classics, it is a surprisingly time-consuming process for a show that is pretty much a single topic.

I decided to move on and start a new series, The Colt Sebastian Taylor Show. However, I did not want to have it at my bar. Colt's Cult Classics and Colt's Cocktails both take place there and I didn't want a third "show" to be there. I am somewhat limited in my options in my secret bunker so I decided to get a green screen and see if I could work with that and somehow put together a show.

Well... it worked out really well. The first episode is a little jumpy, but each one is getting easier and easier to do. I think I've found a fun format to run with for a while.

So Colt, who is running the camera when you are filming?

That would be my trusty friend, Roger The Warehouse Monster. You may remember him walking off into the sunset with me when I left Taylor Gifts.

What will the show be about?

Pretty much anything I want it to be. I plan on talking about things I find to be interesting and will be conducting interviews from time to time via the Facebook video chat or Skype. I may have guests in my secret bunker, but I am out in the middle of nowhere, so that might be difficult to do regularly.

Are all of your videos going to be the Colt Sebastian Taylor Show videos?

Unlikely. I'm always on the lookout for good video contests, and I think product demos will be separate from this series although I will probably do some shows summarizing recent product demos.

Hey, I want to get interviewed by you.

Well, you should tweet me, and let's do it, fool.

Overall, I hope you enjoy watching these videos and stay patient with me as I refine them.

Click the picture below to go the current playlist of episodes.

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