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New AFC Urgent Care Openings

Greetings friends!

As you know, I am a big fan of AFC Urgent Care. They do amazing work at a very competitive price. They are my go-to urgent care center when I suffer mishaps on my adventures. There are quite a few in the area, and I like to plug them because they are always very nice to me.

There are two brand new AFC Urgent Care Centers that have opened in the area:

Both are west of AFC Urgent Care Levittown. AFC Urgent Care Warrington is just north of AFC Urgent Care Willow Grove, and AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is just south. They cover some significant areas that were not being served by the AFC Urgent Care network.

Why are AFC Urgent Care centers so great?

I'm glad you asked. These locations do not require appointments. So when you suffer a nonlife-threatening injury or illness, you can walk in and be seen by a board-certified doctor right away. Generally, you are in and out in about an hour compared to spending a ton of time in an emergency room. Stitches. Strep throat. The Flu. They can take care of it at AFC Urgent Care. Now, if you have a harpoon in your chest or if an ancient Maya shaman curses you, you will have to go elsewhere. But when it comes to common illnesses and injuries, they can handle it.

But it isn't just about patching you up at AFC Urgent Care. They also have a variety of daily services available. Need some blood work done for your primary care doctor? Easy peasy. Do you need a physical for work, school, or for a summer camp? Walk in, and they can take care of the rest. In fact, you can get a DOT Physical and soon (if not already) an Immigration Physical. Both of these specialized physicals require doctors with certifications from state and federal agencies to administer these specials examinations. For regular exams, you can come in, get your paperwork filled out, and be on your way. In many cases, including DOT Physicals, all paperwork can be completed in a single visit. Immigration physicals, from what I understand, can take around a week to complete because it requires a variety of tests to be processed.

Another great thing I love about AFC Urgent Care is that they are open seven days a week. You can visit any center starting at 8 am every day of the week. On weekdays they are open until 8 pm, and on weekends they are open until 5 pm. This means you do not have to take a day off of adventuring to get the medical attention you need. When it comes to on-demand medical care, you can't get any better than AFC Urgent Care.

Of course, I was able to attend the Grand Opening Events of both locations. Check out some of these pictures:



So if you need immediate urgent care in southeast Pennsylvania, visit one of these locations.

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