Colt's Cult Classics

I love going to the movies. There are plenty of good movies out there that I think need a second chance and another viewing. These are my Cult Classics. Let me know what you think of these movies. You can also catch these segments on It's Relevant TV. You may notice that the format of this page is different from other pages. Why is this you ask? Well, there are so many videos that it has become a bit unwieldy and the load time for the page is becoming terrible. 



With that in mind, I've deployed this video feature on Wix. Visit the video on Youtube to get more info on the movie.

Want to watch one of the movies I reviewed? Check them out below! I've attempted to find the cheapest way for you to enjoy these great movies. They are roughly in the order I've reviewed them in. Check the space below frequently as I usually add a collection of new movies every month or two. Some of these movies go in and out of stock, so be sure to click on the movie and poke around. A cheaper version of the movie may be available. In some cases, a movie may no longer be available and Amazon will stick an ad in there instead. Enjoy!