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Get Ready. Two Series Start: Colt’s Cocktails and Colt’s Cult Classics

Since starting my YouTube page, I’ve posted over 400 videos. Some are better than others. Some are just for my own entertainment. I would say half are stand alone videos and others are part of short series. For example, my product demo videos while at Taylor Gifts or the interviews I conducted while at eTail West. However, I no longer do product demos on a regular basis and I also do not visit eTail West anymore. I felt that I needed to create a recurring series for me to post on a somewhat regular basis.

I’m proud to present two new series: Colt’s Cocktails & Colt’s Cult Classics. Both are filmed at my new private bar, Colt’s Corner, hidden somewhere deep underground in Eastern Pennsylvania.

In Colt’s Cocktails I take on the role of amateur bartender and make a new fresh cocktail I’ve come across. I try to make drinks I’ve never tasted before and I usually don’t practice making them before I start filming. I do enjoy trying and tasting new things plus it’s a great way to fill out my bar with any missing liquors I might need why entertaining my adventurer friends.

In Colt’s Cult Classics, I review and recommend my favorite movies from the past. I love watching older movies and there are many flicks that people have never seen or heard of. I bring up some of my past favorites, let you know who stars in them, and while I enjoy the movie so much.

At the moment, I’m trying to film one new episode for each of the series once a week. I’d love to get a special guest in once in a while, but we’ll see how feasible that is. This is a secret underground bar after all.

Enjoy my new series and be sure to subscribe! Check out the first two episodes of each series below!

Colt's Cult Classics

Colt's Cocktails

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