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Jobless- What I'd Like To Do

So with the demise of Taylor Gifts last month I find myself without… what’s the word, ah yes, employment. Although never officially told the end was coming, it seemed like it was a good time for me to set off upon the world. In retrospect maybe I should have stuck it out to the end, made a grand exit, and collect unemployment. Then again, something tells me that might have been difficult to do. I mean, who fills out unemployment paperwork when there is no one employed there? It’s like dividing by zero.

I digress.

So this adventurer is seeking out a new adventure. Granted, there are plenty of adventures to be had, but not all of them will finance a steady stream of pith helmets from the Village Hat Shop. With a skill set such as mine there are many different types of jobs I’d take that I’d comfortably fit into. However, what is the fun in talking about that? Let’s instead talk about the perfect job for I, Colt Sebastian Taylor.

As you may recall from my days at Taylor Gifts, I did a lot of product demonstration videos. Outside of Taylor Gifts I also did a lot of interview videos. If only there was a way to combine those into a functioning job position. If I had my way, this is two versions of the job I would love to do:

Version A: The Face of a Brand

I would love to become the “official spokesman” for a brand. Much like how Ollie’s Bargain Outlet used the face and persona of Oliver E. Rosenberg as a logo and mascot, I would love to do the same.

I would see myself as someone who makes frequent videos of products, sales, and interviews of key employees of a company. I would also be readily accessible via Twitter to assist with customer problems, directing them to the right department to be helped out. Finally, I would go to different “store openings” or special days at stores to meet with people to add a voice and face to a brand.

I think it would be a lot of fun, very unique, and I’d stick around I people’s minds.

The real trick is finding a brand that needs an adventurer spokesman.

Version B: Set Up YouTube Filming Division

This version is much more geared towards a large retail brand like (Who’s President is very awesome to talk to.)

In this version, I see myself developing a web series of product demonstration videos with inventory that a Company wants to get rid of fast or push to increase sales. My videos would show these things in action and show that they actually work. The videos in turn would be published on YouTube Channels, shared across social media, and even featured on a company’s website. I would again be available via social media to answer any product related questions as best I can and direct people to the right departments if they need help.

Initially I see this being a one or two-person operation. Just me and Roger the Warehouse Monster. But overtime, I would see this operation grow. What I would like to do is partner with the film departments of a few local colleges and get interns in to help me expand operations. I would still do the demonstrating, but they would do the filming, directing, editing, and posting. I would love to pay these folks, but that would really depend on a budget. I hate unpaid internships, but that would probably be out of my control. I have a background in grading and evaluation, so I could certainly provide teachers constructive feedback on their student’s work.

Overtime, my posse would be cranking out videos left and right and I would be heading off to do on site filming for special events.

I really think I could rock that adventure.

Consolation Version

A slightly different version of all of this would be me going around and filming commercials for businesses like Ernest P. Worrell. I’m a big fan of his work. You might just know him for movies, but before he made it on the big screen he would do commercials for Mello Yellow, local news programs, dairy companies, and Sprite.

If you think about it… I’d be really good at that also.

Well, the job hunt continues. Wish me luck friends.

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