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The Moscow Mule Mug - A Must Have For Summer

The Moscow Mule is an old cocktail that has seemingly experienced quite a resurgence in popularity. The classic recipe for a Moscow Mule is vodka, ginger beer, and a garnish (usually lime.) But much like a martini, this drink is classically served in a specific glass, or in this case mug. A Moscow Mule Mug is usually a cold 16oz copper mug. This mug can be polished or hammered copper, but mug makes the drink. The popularity of this cocktail has grown to the point where local versions of the drink can often be found. For example in the Philadelphia area, some bars serve a Manayunk Mule which swaps out the vodka with a spiced rum of some sort. Overall it is a delicious summer drink and the mugs make a great gift to any amateur or professional bartender.

Filming this product was a fairly straight forward affair as I wasn’t allowed to set up a bar inside my office. If you noticed in the credits, I’m dancing back and forth across the screen to the music that was playing that day. You’ll see me in the reflection of the mugs. You’ll also see the reflection of my camera person; technically make this her only blurry on screen appearance. Post credits features Steve and I singing with mugs, a clip that often appears in the opening montage.

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