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The World's Best Grandmother GE Contest

Another recent contest I entered involved GE looking for the World's Greatest Grandmother. It just so happened I had the world's greatest grandmother available. You might remember the incredible Woogie from several videos including videos involving Sparkling Ice & Wawa. I had planned to film the video a few days before the deadline of March 15th.

However, the day of the filming, reviewing the requirements for the contest, I realized that the deadline was actually March 1st according to GE. The website where I get my video contests had not listed the correct date. I was obviously very upset because I wanted to enter the contest and Woogie was looking forward to it. Instead of canceling the filming, I decided to continue with the shoot, but I did not tell Woogie that the entry would not be accepted. She was about the entry, and I didn't want to ruin it for her. Instead, I contacted GE and told them about the confusion in dates asking if they would accept a late entry.

Having failed to hear back from them, I departed and began my interview with Woogie. In the middle of the conversation, I get a Facebook message from them indicating that they would accept a late entry since it was clear I had obtained the wrong information from another website. It may be tough to pick out in the video, but I got this message mid-interview and kept right on going without stopping. Not to brag, but I thought it was handled by me very well. I never told Woogie what had happened, although when she reads this, she'll finally know.

Can you pick out when I got the news?

Unfortunately, she was not picked as a finalist. GE's loss. Those damn fools.

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