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Behind The Scenes - Colt's Crazy Warehouse Sales

This was a dangerous trio.

During my time at Taylor Gifts, I made two "Crazy Warehouse Sale" videos with my good friend the Duke of the Warehouse. While both videos are different regarding the "story" they tell, they both have some very similar traits.

2014 - Investigative Reporter

In this video, I pretend to be a reporter tracking down The Duke of the Warehouse to get him to confess to the warehouse sale. I track him down in the warehouse, and then we talk about the sale we are having. It was pretty straightforward.

Behind The Scenes

This video was one of the first videos I shot back in the warehouse, which soon became my favorite place to shoot non-product demo videos. I liked the ambient noise and the background scenery of the entire area back there. If I had continued at Taylor Gifts, I would have probably set up my eventual "studio" back there at some point.

This video was also one of the first videos where I had a mic flag on my microphone showing who I was working for. This would be a common sight in future videos. As you might notice, I ran with the mic down to the Duke. Laura, the Countess of the Camera, ran along with me the entire way. It wasn't easy with the cord dangling behind me.

2015 - Running Through The Warehouse

This video featured much more dramatic music and had me running up and down the warehouse. The Duke of The Warehouse and Roger the Warehouse Monster had cameos in this video. I grabbed the clipboard from the Duke of The Warehouse and Roger the Warehouse Monster flashed briefly as I ran by him.

Behind The Scenes

This video was done in one take because after the first take I was completely out of breath. If you notice at the end of the video, I nearly slur my last line because I am gasping for air. Wearing a heavy winter coat and sprinting up and down the Warehouse was not a good idea. I was panting for about 20 minutes after the shoot, much to the Duke of the Warehouse's enjoyment.

This video featured a cameo from Roger the Warehouse Monster, who showed up every now and again in the background of my videos or in post-credit scenes.

Overall, these were some entertaining videos to make, and I enjoyed putting them together. They were featured in weekly emails that were sent to 500k or so people. Did they increase sales? I'd like to think so. No one ever shared sale numbers with me, but I feel like the videos were worth the effort.

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