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The 12 Days of X-Mas Saga

While working at Taylor Gifts, I put together a 12 Days of Christmas video highlighting various sales we were having on our website. Each day featured a new item or new category with a special 24-hour sales code. While the overall idea was to have one of these video series every year, this was sadly the only year I put together this promotion.

All of the videos had a bit of a storyline about me tracking down a "Warehouse Monster." Yes, this was the first appearance of Roger the Warehouse Monster in any of my videos. In his first appearance, Roger the Warehouse Monster was more of an antagonist of mine rather than the good friend he is today. Each video featured an announcement of a sale followed by an after credit scene pushing the storyline along. The entire series featured familiar faces that often appeared in many of my videos at the time including:

The Duke of The Warehouse Hungry Steve No Fun Ben

Although not seen on screen, Laura the Camerawoman filmed all of these scenes.

Behind the scenes.

The initial idea for all of these videos was developed in early November that year with all of the scenes filmed just after Thanksgiving. The clips were filmed in two different batches, which if you look carefully enough you can probably pick out which scenes were filmed on which days. On the website end, the webpage that featured each "Deal" had presents you had to click on to get the special code. For presents that weren't ready to open, I created special "it was not time yet" pictures and posted them online. Although the Taylor Gift Website is no more, I did save the pictures for my entertainment. Enjoy them below.

Additional Notes:

Although unseen, Rob Brennecke played a small roll in several of the Roger The Warehouse Monster scenes.

The Santa Hat Hungry Steve wears is currently in my secret bunker. The day before Taylor Gifts went belly up in bankruptcy I swung by for a visit and Hungry Steve tearfully bequeathed it to me.

Future That Wasn't Meant To Be

In my mind, each year was suppose to be bigger and better with more scenes and sales. However, that didn't work out the way I would have liked. Later in the year, No Fun Ben went on to a bigger and better job and wasn't replaced. Therefore the work that he did was split among Laura and me throughout the year. And then towards the end of the following year, things were getting a little dicey, so I didn't have much in the way of time to film new scenes. Sadly, Laura left shortly after that, I left a month later, and things folded a month after I departed. Oh well right?

Nevertheless, I have very fond memories of filming this and showing this to my coworkers. Except for upper management. I'm pretty sure they had no idea I was doing this.

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