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Manatawny Still Works

Anyone who has had a passing interest in my videos over the years knows I love Fireball Whisky. However, I always keep an eye out, an ear open, and a tongue available for new and exciting tastes. I get great joy out of supporting local businesses, and I recently visited a fantastic local distillery only a hop, skip, and a jump away from my secret bunker: the Manatawny Still Works, located in Pottstown, PA.

I visited this delightful location on the weekend and took a tour of their distillery and sampled many of the fine spirits they have available there. This company is named after the Manatawny Creek, which flows nearby through Pottstown. Having grown up in the Pottstown area, I am very familiar with the creek and even knew it was Lenape for "The Place We Meet To Drink." I got a real kick out of that, especially since Manatawny was a word I heard often growing up.

The still works are located near the Pottstown Airport across the street from the Sly Fox Brewery. The still works have a great relationship with Sly Fox, having some of the ingredients they need for their spirits processed at the Brewery. (Something I learned during their very informative tour.) They also have a tasting room located in Philadelphia which I will have to make a point to visit in the future. However, if you are in the Pottstown area, you need to visit this location.

They currently produced two types of whiskey here: Unaged J. Potts Whiskey (named after the founder of Pottstown, John Potts) and aged Keystone Whiskey. Also among their unaged spirits selection is T. Rutter Rum, Old Fellows No. 214 Gin, and Three Bitches Wheat Vodka. For those who like aged spirits, they have small-batch whiskeys, rums, and have recently released Hidden River Barrel Rested Gin.

Another great thing about the Manatawny Still Works is that they have great events throughout the month. They have food trucks on Fridays, evenings where they raise money for no-kill shelters, music on the weekends, and of course their distillery tours. You should check out their events page.

So friends if you are in Philadelphia or Pottstown, make a point to visit the Manatawny Still Works. I think you'll appreciate their excellent works as much as I do.

And, you'll be seeing them quite often on "Colt's Cocktails." I plan on trying out some of their recipes and filming them.

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