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How I Ended Up On TV In Delaware For 6 Months

My recent announcement about my two new series appearing on Relevant TV reminded me of my first appearance on TV a couple of years ago. When I started to do videos for the now defunct (although recently resurrected) Taylor Gifts, they were about as basic as you could get. However, I really enjoyed doing them and sent a few to a Twitter pal of mine, Larry Mendte.

I had traded emails with Larry years ago when he made random appearances on the Kidd Chris show on the old 94.1 WYSP. His appearances were always very entertaining and I emailed him and tweeted him a few times. When I made these videos, I sent him a few as he always enjoyed a good laugh and these videos were humorous. It turned out he thought they were great and he convinced the new station he was working for to hire me to do some “Man On The Street Interviews.” He had just started a new program called “And Another Thing with Larry Mendte.” I would provide some lighter, humorous moments during the program.

I think he wanted me originally to do more of a “trick people into saying stupid things” video series, but I found just talking to people and interacting with them was much more entertaining. Whether or not this avenue of filming led to the conclusion of my tenure there, I was never really sure. Nevertheless, I think these videos turned out better than me going around trying to trick people.

To do these segments I needed to find help. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to team up with the incredibly talented Paul Triggiani who was instrumental in making these videos a success. He was able to provide much better equipment and edit these videos beautifully for TV. I can honestly say that these videos wouldn’t have been possible without his assistance.

All in all, I made 13 segments for Larry Mendte in the summer and fall of 2014. They included:

It’s hard to pick out a favorite, so I will just leave you with my first video I shot for Larry Mendte with Paul Triggiani. Fun fact: This was the first video where I coined “I’m Colt Sebastian Taylor, and I’ll see you later.”

Overall, I loved making these videos for “And Another Thing With Larry Mendte.” In November of 2014, the show decided to discontinue my segment. They wanted the show to be a little more serious, and I was running out of fun things to talk about. Nevertheless, I certainly hope to work with Larry in the future. He cameoed in my Holiday Special, which was probably the highlight of that entire movie. At one time, he was kicking around the idea of having me be his token liberal sidekick and social media guy for a radio show, but that never materialized. However you never know what the future may bring.

So here’s to you Larry and Paul, those were some fun times. These videos should have recieved a regional Emmy.

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