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Current Hobby – Getting Retweeted By Rick Wilson and John Schindler

So while I don’t post much on Facebook, I tweet a lot. Mainly I plug my videos and retweet news stories I like, but I also tweet things to Trump Train and MAGA folks. Not that I’m a bleeding-heart lib or anything, I just like pointing out hypocrisy and with these folks it’s very easy to do. Well starting in January, I started to follow Rick Wilson and John Schindler. While my political opinions don’t exactly line up with their views, I respect them for being consistent and straight shooters. They don’t change their opinions to fit whatever mob is tweeting them.

Anyways, I started to tweet the folks who were yelling at them tweets and gifs sounding like I was agreeing with them, but I was kind of making fun of them. Eventually I started to tweet Rick and John funny comments to news articles and their own comments, usually attaching gifs to them. Well… they started to retweet me, which was kind of amazing.


Well Rick Wilson is a well-known Republican strategist and consultant. He’s often seen on MSNBC and CNN. John Schindler is a former Naval War College professor and is a national security expert. They are well followed on Twitter and when they retweet me I get hundreds of retweets and likes. Last year I averaged 50k to 100k impressions a month for my tweets. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had over a million impressions every month because of retweets from these two.

Will this get my fame and fortune?


But do I enjoy popping on Twitter and making Die Hard and Monty Python references that get retweeted to a few hundred thousand people?


Bonus Content.

I gave Rick a casual shot out in this video. I'll probably make a casual reference to John in a following video.

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