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Matcha - Trying Something New

Growing up I was always a bit of a picky eater. In some respects, I still I am. For example I don’t like pickles on my hamburgers and I don’t like peanuts in my cookies. However, I am a bit more adventurous now than I was years and years ago. For example, I love sushi. So when something new comes along, I’ll generally give it a chance.

Recently I came across Matcha, finely grown powder from green tea. Now I normally don’t try new things like this, but I decided to be a bit more adventurous with my palate. The fine folks at Kiss Me Organics were encouraging people to try their culinary grade Matcha and film something for them. Of course I had to try it.

So the packet of Matcha I bought has quite a bit in terms of benefits. It is a good source of Manganese, which is important for metabolism and the antioxidant system. I’ve found that it has increased my focused and my skin is a bit healthier. You also get a nice little dose of vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also a source of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). It’s being researched for a variety of benefits although scientists haven’t locked down anything quite yet.

After purchasing a packet of their Matcha, they sent me a list of possible recipes to try out. It was hard to pick one to try out first to film. I decided to try the Matcha Orange Cocktail recipe since the ingredients were readily available and I do love the taste orange juice. Check out the results below:

Overall it is a tasty drink that I start most mornings with. This is the recipe they provided me:


1 tsp. Matcha

2 ½ tsp. sugar

4 ice cubes

¼ cup hot water

½ cup 100% orange juice (cold)


1. Place ice cubes in a tall glass, set aside.

2. In a small bowl combine matcha and sugar then add hot water and mix until sugar is dissolved.

3. Pour matcha over ice and let it sit for 1 minute.

4. Top with orange juice.

Behind The Scene

Kiss Me Organics had a video contest for their product, hence the shorter than usual video compared to what I normally put together. I may do a longer video in the future showing the entire process of me putting together my morning orange juice Matcha cocktail. As for the setting, it should be very familiar as this is where most of my food related videos are shot. On the day of the shooting, I couldn’t find the power cord for the camera and had just enough battery power for a single shot. Thankfully, I nailed it.

Contest Update - They apparently did not like this video enough for it to place in the top 3. Their loss, I would have certainly have done a series for them if they asked nicely.

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