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Cooking With Colt – Spice Rubbed Pork

I am the first person to tell you that I am no cook. However, I am pretty good at following directions. The folks at Blue Apron and Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ recently did a contest inviting people to try out a signature recipe done by last season’s winner Brooke Williamson. Her recipe was spiced rubbed pork with red onion and black beans. The overall idea was to put together a 60 second video of preparing the dish. Of course, I wanted my signature opening and closing, so really this video had to be cut down to about 45 seconds for me. ***

I was pretty happy with the end result. Check it out:

The recipe was delicious. I was surprised how great it tasted. I had no doubt it was a great recipe, I just thought I wouldn’t do a very good job at putting it together. I will definitely be making this again in the future. It will probably be easier the next time around because I won’t be filming.

From a filming perspective, this was a difficult shoot. I had to film everything at a good angle so people could see what I was doing. I also had to constantly move the camera and keep track of the time so I didn’t overcook some parts of the recipe while I was preparing other parts. Although you don’t hear or see her in the video, the World’s Greatest Grandmother served as the technical advisor for this video shoot. She made sure I didn’t screw anything up. Unlike my Reuben Video, I decided not to do any narration while I was cooking. I found it to be very difficult to edit the other video together in the long run, although I was happy with the result. The Rueben Casserole video was longer than this one, so I had more flexibility also. So, in this video, I provided narration in post-production.

I hope the Blue Apron people like it. Grand prize is some of their food for a few months plus a cooking lesson from Brooke Williamson. I’d love to do some more cooking videos for Blue Apron while reviewing their meals.

*** Post production note. After poking around a bit, I discovered that there was no time limit on this video contest. What I was looking at from a 3rd party was a misrepresentation of the contest. So, others who have submitted have long 10 to 20 minute videos. This may end up costing me the contest, but at least I got a good recipe out of it.

*** Contest Update *** 4/17/17 - Alas I did not win their contest. Their contest winner did do a pretty good job, so I don't feel that bad about it. Although I do wish I had won 6 months of Blue Apron and got a cooking lesson from the talented Brooke Williamson .

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