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The Laser Light Projector From Home Pro Direct

Welcome back to my blog! I’ve been waffling back and forth on how and if I should do a blog and what platform I should do it on. After playing around with a few possible platforms, I decided to keep everything in house here. Over time I’ll be reposting old blog posts on here and sharing them across my social media channels. But first up, the Laser Light Projector from Home Pro Direct! As of early October I had over 460 subscribers to my YouTube Channel. Most of the time I don’t get many comments other than on a few videos that everyone hates. (And rightfully so, they are terrible projects.) But recently I got a private message from someone who wanted to send me a product to test out and do a video on. Since I used to do videos for the now defunct Taylor Gifts, I was more than happy to agree. I was sent the Laser Light Projector from Home Pro Direct. Now as you may recall, last year I tested out the Star Shower. Of the two, I like the Laser Light Projector a bit better? Why you ask? Let me lay it out for you. The Laser Light Projector has the following while the Star Shower doesn’t:

  • Moving colors and images.

  • A choice between Red or Green or both colors.

  • A remote

  • A timer

  • A tripod for indoor displays.

  • The ability to set the speed of the images.

  • The ability to set a flash, if you wanted it to flash.

In terms of brightness, I didn’t really notice any difference between the two. I don’t currently have a star shower available, but from what I recall they were both about the same in terms of brightness.

Now enjoy my video of me trying out the Laser Light Projector from Home Pro Direct. Available on Amazon.

Behind The Scenes This is only the 2nd product demonstration video in almost 7 months. The last video being the Chill-o-Matic which was 3 weeks before I left Taylor Gifts and about 7 weeks before their final demise. I had done a video with Wipe New a few week beforehand. Which to me is a little funny because that was something we carried at Taylor Gifts, but I never got around to field testing it. This video was filmed at my secret bunker and featured me sitting as my desk like many of my more recent videos. Unfortunately I am rarely able to include my bookshelf of prizes and swag behind me. That is really something I should work on in the future. Another part of this video took place outside where I’ve filmed many videos as well. This video does not have any cameos in it, although I was considering a few. None of the ideas I had really were going to play out well. The video did have a post credits scene where I announce a free giveaway from HomePro Direct. This is the first time I’ve been involved with something like this. I certainly wouldn’t object if other people hit me up in the future for giveaways. The most difficult part of this video was that I had to film part of it twice. My shotgun mic suffered a failure halfway through one part of the taping completely screwing up the audio. Frustrating, but I actually ended up liking the 2nd take better.

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