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Colt's Critics Corner - The Nice Guys

Amongst my current job search, I swung by the theaters and saw “The Nice Guys.” Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, this enjoyable comedy takes place in the late 1970’s. Gosling plays a private detective while Crowe plays someone who punches other people for money. While this seems like an unlikely pair to pull off a comedy, I thought the duo worked quite well together. Both had some really good comedic scenes and I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie. I can’t say I’ve seen a bunch of Ryan Gosling movies, but he should do more comedies. Like him or hate him, Crowe also does a great job in his role in the movie. The young but immensely talented Angourie Rice appears as Gosling’s daughter. This seems to be one of her first big movies. She really nails the role and I hope she gets picked up in more flicks.

Overall, I give “The Nice Guys” 4 out of 5 pith helmets.

While sequels rarely ever hit, I wouldn’t be against another round of this duo solving a crime.

Side note: This movie also featured Kim Basinger which if you watch the trailers, you’ve seen pretty much 40% of her screen time. I bet she knocked that out in like an afternoon.

Double Side note: Keith David is also in this movie. His voice should be in more movies.

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