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Taylor Gifts - Epilogue

As I posted over a month ago, I departed from Taylor Gifts with Roger the Warehouse Monster. I said goodbye to The Duke of the Warehouse, Hungry Steve, and the Lovely Liza. After I left I departed on many adventures and casually stayed in touch with them. Without any sort of formal announcement, I noticed all social media feeds stop on Taylor Gifts, as well as their other brands: Get Organized & Better Senior Living.

A few days later the websites for Taylor Gifts, GetOrganized, and Better Senior Living went down. Thinking that perhaps everyone was being held hostage by ninjas, I casually drove by only to see no one there in the parking lot. Other people online were posting on social media channels that they were unable to contact anyone.

I did some digging and came across this on the BBB website.

This was seemingly reinforced with this article and this other website.

I did get in touch with The Duke, Hungry Steve, and the Lovely Liza. They didn’t have much in terms of details beyond the links listed above.

Goodbye Taylor Gifts. We’ll always have the Big Boss Swirlio.

2/18/17 Update: It appears Taylor Gifts and other associated websites have been bought by Collections Ect.

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