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Colt's Critics Corner - Hardcore Henry

I'm a bit of a movie nerd. Besides filming them (including a Christmas Special) I love going to the movies. Previously I reviewed Blood Sucking Bastards, which I loved by the way. This time, I’m reviewing Hardcore Henry starring Sharlto Copley, a bunch of Russian models and actors, and a cameo by Tim Roth who I’m pretty sure knocked out his role in about 20 minutes. The hook of his movie is that you experience all of it through Henry’s eyes. This movie is entirely first person, which I believe was done with some go pro helmet camera setup. If the Blair Witch Project made you a little woozy, then you probably do not want to give this movie a whirl.

But if you can stand it, I think you’ll find this movie enjoyable. Sharlto Copley does a pretty good job in this movie in the character he plays. I won’t say why, but it is very enjoyable to see him throughout the movie. I mean, does he ever do a bad movie?

Watch my final review and rating below. Enjoy!

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