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Goodbye Taylor Gifts

All good things must come to an end and my time at Taylor Gifts is up. It was only appropriate that I filmed one last goodbye video. I filmed it my last week there. Actually the most difficult part of this video was getting Hungry Steve, The Duke of the Warehouse, the Lovely Liza, and Roger the Warehouse Monster all together in the same place at the same time. They are all very busy people. It was filmed in the back part of the warehouse where many other “Warehouse” scenes were filmed.

This was one of a few ideas I had for a goodbye video. Among the other ideas:

  • Riding off into the sunset in the back of a truck.

  • Filming the now empty places where I had filmed previous videos.

  • A cliffhanger where I left just before the authorities.

This ended up being the shortest one filmed. Originally I was going to leave everyone behind, but Roger insisted on coming with me. I couldn’t say no.

Roger and I are off to find a new adventure!

P.S. No one asked me for one, but I did fill out an exit interview for them.

Blog Update - As mentioned in a future blog post, Taylor Gifts went out of business on 4/22/16. I actually stopped by for a visit the day before they went belly up. I will perhaps write an blog post about that in the future. Anyways, the old Taylor Gifts website now redirects to Collections Ect. I'm fairly sure this company bought out everything from Taylor Gifts. No word if they'll hire me to do product demos.

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