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But What If It Becomes Self Aware?

I tested out a drone recently. I had the chance to play with the Red Falcon Spy Drone and fly it around. It is a small, entry level drone that is a lot of fun to work with. You get about 8 minutes of flight time after a 30 or so minute charge of the battery. The drone also has a decent camera on the front to take pictures or even a video. It comes with its own memory card and card reader. The drone itself is fairly easy to fly, although it does take some time to get us to the controls. There is no “hover” mode, so you need to work the controls to make sure it doesn’t fly off or crash. You can also make the drone “flip” with a button on the controls. It has a range of about 150 feet assuming there is nothing to block the signal. Overall, it is a great little drone you can fly around in your house or outside.

In testing this drone, I found it to be very tough in terms of construction. Being a novice drone flier, I crashed it several times into the parking lot from a good height. While the propellers did fly off in the crash a few times, there was no lasting damage to the drone. The propellers snapped right back on without any problems. You’ll notice in the video, I put together several clips of myself flying the drone. Laura had a very hard time following the drone with the camera because it moved around so quickly. You’ll also notice at the very end I was about 3 feet away from landing the drone on the roof. I attempted to take some pictures and video from the drone, but I didn’t quite have enough skill to take pictures that weren’t blurry. Maybe next time.

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