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Hover Blue Ball by Whamo - A Great Indoor Toy To Keep Active

You can’t always go outside to play soccer. While you are waiting for better weather, you should try the Hover Blue Ball by Wham-o. This half sphere has a smooth plastic bottom that allows it to easily glide along almost any carpet. It works on tile and hardwood floors, but you need to make sure those floors are clean. Dust and dirt does start to slow it down overtime so be sure to wipe down the surface from time to time. The Hover Blue Ball has a foam top for easy kicking around the house. It makes a great gift for any young soccer enthusiast.

This video marks the first time graphics were displayed throughout the video and shortens the post demonstration text to just the credits. This is also among the first to feature a close up of the product. It also marks the first “speaking” appearance of Roger the Warehouse Monster since the Christmas season, although he made brief cameo in a clearance video.

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