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Night View Wrap Around Glasses

The Night View Wrap Around Glasses are nice set of safety glasses that can fit over regular glasses. The yellow tint of these glasses helps reduce glare at night, making driving much easier. While not the most stylish of glasses, it does a very good job at covering your face and preventing glares. These glasses can also double as safety glasses, although they are not rated to protect your eyes. I would recommend them to keep small particles, like saw dust from blowing up under your glasses. This product is more or less the cousin of the regular Night View Glasses.

This item sold out at Taylor Gifts in November, 2015.

The demonstration in this video was a quick one, as there really isn’t that much to show with this product. The end of this video makes a previous reference to the Bag of Buffalo Nickels video with the Duke of the Warehouse and announces a fake detective show. I think it would do very well on late night local TV.

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