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eTail West Adventure Part 5 – Vendor Booths

My favorite part of attending conferences is the vendor booths. I love seeing all of the new emerging technology out there and talking to a bunch of different people from all over the country and even the world. At eTail there were a lot of vendors dealing with website commerce and quite a few with tracking and managing prices. Strangely enough, I am rarely authorized to ink deals with anyone. This is probably because I generally want to get everything so I can play with it. With that said, even if you don’t attend many panels (and you should) the vendor booths are fun to stop by. You get a very good idea where the technology for marketing and commerce is going.

Another great thing about these booths is the swag. You will probably load up on more toys, pens, and note pads here then you will anywhere else. You can judge a lot of a booth by the swag they have. A booth that hands out cheap pens is not going to get my attention compared to a booth that has USB chargers or dancing robots. (Yea, that was a thing.) Best of all are the sweepstakes! I’ve managed to land a few things, although nothing specific at this conference. If you are giving away an iPad, you are probably guaranteed I’m going to stop by and talk to you.

Another guaranteed way for me to stop by your booth, Sebastian Hunt.

Overall, stop by the booths at an eTail conference. You won’t regret it.

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