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eTail West Adventure - Part 3 - Finally, Sunny Palm Springs!

It was then I received a phone call from hotel event planner. Apparently my adventures and misadventures were of entertaining interest to many people at the conference. My tweets and posts to the conference app were being followed. A town car and driver was being sent for me and he would drive me the rest of the day to Palm Springs. Within minutes a gentleman pulled up in a nicely air conditioned car, shared a chuckle as I explained I had no luggage, and opened the door to the back seat. There I found two bottles of chilled water, a cord to charge my phone, and wifi.

I wanted to sleep for the two hours from LA to Palm Springs, but my driver was far too interesting. He was a private investigator and began to relay to me some of the crazy things he did and had seen. Whether or not it was true, it didn’t matter. The guy knew how to tell a good story. Unfortunately I couldn’t really enjoy the scenery because it was pitch black out but the ride from LA to Palm Springs was quick. I may have dozed off once or twice, I’m not sure.

Arriving at the Palm Springs Marriot was something else. It is a really amazing resort. I quietly shuffled in, passing an after party, and checked in. The lovely lady working there, who by the end of my stay knew me by name, had been expecting me. She had a room at the quiet end of the hotel, with a nice view waiting for me. Unfortunately no one seemed to know where my luggage was, but I was pleased to be there. I went to my room, dropped off a few things, and immediately went to the hotel bar. I ordered a Fireball and Coke and immediately began to regale my tales of adventure to those around me. As I recall…. Someone paid for that first drink.

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