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eTail West Adventure - Part 2 - Stuck In LA

I took the flight to LA. I asked that my luggage be sent to LA. I was already on standby to an earlier flight to LA, but that was up in the air. After a quick bite to eat at a Chinese food place (I highly recommend the Orange Chicken at the City Wok at Denver International Airport) I waited to see if I could make the earlier flight. I was #2 on standby. They took 2. With a grin and a skip in my step I said adios to my fellow standby-ers and grabbed my seat to LA.

2 or so hours later I arrived, informed eTail West that I was now in LA and had no idea how I’d get to Palm Springs, and waited for my luggage. And waited. And waited. No luggage. After inquring with a United agent, she informed me that my luggage was in Palm Springs. Of course it was. I asked it to be immediately sent to the Hotel because there was stuff I needed for the following day, like clothes.

This was probably the low point of the day. I wasn’t in the right city, I missed a solid day of filming and the conference, and I had no idea how I was going to get to Palm Springs. I could rent a car, but I was exhausted and the sun was setting. Didn’t seem like a great idea to drive myself there, but that was certainly on the table.

(To be continued...)

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