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eTail West - A California Conferece I Got Invited To

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On Tuesday I am heading to sunny Palm Springs, California to attend the eTail West conference. While out there I’ll be conducting interviews with various retailers and exhibitors. So the real question is, how in the world I get invited out to this business conference? Well…funny story. In June the east coast version of this conference, eTail East was held in Philadelphia. I attended and had a good time checking out various exhibitors, sessions, and even ran into my good friend Sebastian Hunt, the magician. As a side note, if you are running a booth at a conference, you can’t do any better than hiring Sebastian Hunt to draw people in. Who doesn’t like magic?

While there, I popped onto the official eTail conference app. From there I began immediately to comment on people’s posts, took selfies, and posted my own questions about eCommerce. By the end of the conference, people were pulling me aside to take selfies with them. I also apparently made a “yesterday in review” emails with my shenanigans, despite my rather low key approach to the conference. The organizers of this conference enjoyed my interactions so much that they invited me to come out with my camera to interview people and wander around their west coast conference

I accepted immediately.

In fact I’ve started to post some lead up videos to the conference. The trick is going to be processing all of these videos and uploading them so people can view them before I fly back to the East Coast. The next trick is getting invited to a European conference.

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