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Product Demo - Luxury Non-Slip Bath Pillow

This bath pillow was very comfortable to test in my tub and the suction cups, given a little adjustment, stuck very well keeping it in place. The order also came with a sponge luffa, a washer bag, and a carrying case. Assuming it was completely dry, this could easily be brought along on trips if you liked to relax in tubs in other places. There is also a little hook allowing you to hang it up to air dry between uses.

This was a silly video to film and featured one of only a handful of videos where I'm wearing a vest and no shirt. It took a while to get the angle of the camera in the right place to get that shot. It was also difficult to position the mic just right so I could talk and not knock it over with the shower curtain. Despite the challenges, I thought it turned out well. I may be using this set up in the future for any other bathroom related products. This is also another video that features me poorly singing "Danke Schoen."

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