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Product Demo - Wiwoo Sport Clip Music Player

Honestly, I didn't know they were still making MP3 players out there, but apparently, they are. I was a little skeptical of trying this product out but was pleasantly surprised with how useful it would be. This lightweight device is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music but doesn't want to use their phone to do it. There are a variety of reasons why you may not want music from your phone, such as not wanting to run down your battery, or it is too clunky to use it like that if you are the move. This device solves all of that with 16 GB of memory in it and the ability to boost that memory, via a micro SD card, to 128 GB. It also can function as an FM radio and step counter. Finally, you can also connect it to wireless Bluetooth headphones if you want to be completely wireless.

This was a technically tricky video to shoot. With so many small pieces, it was hard to get the tight shots I needed to show off the MP3 player properly. I think I did an excellent job at it, but I may try a few different approaches next time. Unfortunately, I didn't have a blue tooth speaker available to show off the sound quality, but it was also very good. Fun fact, the last time I was listening to music in the extra scene was "music" from Duke of the Warehouse.

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