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Product Demo - Video Camcorder With Night Vision

I have never reviewed a camcorder before, so I was very interested in trying out this one. Probably the strangest thing about it is how nondescript it is. It is just a camcorder with no branding what so ever with it. Despite that, it does a pretty good job at filming me. My only sort of issue is that the internal mic was not very good, so I would suggest using a shotgun mic or a handheld mic with it if sound quality is a crucial concern. The "night vision" aspect of this camera was fun to play with and did a surprisingly good job at picking me up in a pitch black room.

This video was reasonably straightforward to film also. I thought about reviewing every single "mode" of the camera, but they were difficult to do with just one person, so I decided not to. Most people will use this for filming and might use the 'night vision' mode, so I thought that these two features were the two most important to demonstrate. I thought about asking Roger to make a surprise appearance in the after credits scene, but that might have been entirely too scary.

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