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Product Demo - Sunhat

As someone who enjoys wearing hats, I have an great appreciation for excellent head coverings. This sunhat does a lovely job at protecting my face from the sun and glare. Unlike my usual pith helmet, it actually ventilates very well keeping my head relatively cool. Yes, the pith helmet I wear does not work very well on hot days, unlike original pith helmets. The great thing about this hat is that it can fit into tiny spaces. I had ample room to place this hat in my vest and could easily pack it away in a bag, vehicle, or backpack. It comes with a strap, so it doesn't blow off your head if, let's say, you are chasing someone on the top of a train. The sides also clip up if you don't want them hanging down on the side.

This was a fairly straightforward video to film. You can only demonstrate a hat so many different ways. Probably the hardest part was snapping the sides of the hat while holding the mic. I attempted to film this without a mic and use a shotgun mic, but the audio results were less than what I would have liked with the wind outside.

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