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Natural Color Coalition Contest

It has been a while since I've entered a contest, for a variety of reasons. Video contests, as of late, have been somewhat slim in terms of pickings. I used to enter a lot more, but I've been turned off by contests that require shares, likes, or views. I also don't like to enter contests sponsored by video contest clearing houses like Audience Rewards, Tongal, or Talenthouse. Contests on these sites tend to attract entries by professional marketing companies. I don't have the resources to compete with those places, so I don't waste my time. With that said, if there is a marketing company who would like to hire me solely to enter video contests, I'm available. (Hit me up Design Revolution Studios)

However, every now and again, a contest comes along that fits my criteria:

1. Being run in-house. 2. Doesn't require views, shares, or likes. 3. Judged by a panel.

That really does give me the best shot to get someone's attention. Recently the Natural Color Coalition Ran a "Color Me With Love" video contest. They want to push companies to use natural coloring instead of artificial coloring. In this contest, they wanted videos of people writing "Love Letters" to their favorite brands to switch to natural coloring. During a recent winter storm, when the snow was coming down at a good clip, I filmed my entry. I wanted to shoot it during a snowstorm and was lucky enough to get one just in time. Sitting out back, I shot this entry. You will notice my trusty dog, Cordy, made a cameo in this video.

This video was the 2nd take, not the 1st take. This was the 1st take.

Yep. Cordy decided to take a huge dump behind me as I was filming and I was completely unaware of it while I was shooting. In fact, I filmed that clip, went inside, changed out of my winter clothes and into pajamas, and then sat down to review the footage. Realizing she was taking a big poop in the middle of a video needed for a contest related to food, I redressed and went back outside. It was much colder and windier in the 2nd video, hence my use of mittens and not the opened fingered gloves in the first video.

It was pretty funny.

Final result - 3rd place win!

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