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Product Review - Tomight Elbow Brace

Are you suffering from tendinitis in the elbow, also known as Tennis Elbow? For minor cases of this condition, all you might need is a compression brace for extra support. As an adventurer and interviewer, my arm makes repeated motions with a microphone. Constant, repeated movements of any part of the body can lead to tendinitis or the inflammation of tendons and muscles. Some physical therapy and a brace are often the solutions to these minor annoyances.

Instead of getting a big compression sleeve, I chose these braces to help me with my occasional tendinitis. The Velcro strips allow me to adjust it as needed and they easily slip onto my arm. They come in packs of two, one for each arm and multiple colors are available. (I picked blue.)

As great as these braces are if you continue to experience moderate to severe pain in your elbow and arms, consult a medical doctor right away. You might need something more than just a brace.

Check them out in the link below and watch me test them out in the video.

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