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Colt Sebastian Taylor - Legend

What does it take to be a legend? It's 30% adventurer, 30% taking a chance, 30% hustle, and 20% not worrying if things don't always add up. Am I, Colt Sebastian Taylor, a legend?

I think it would be modest for me to say that.

However, I will let my friends at Dragon's Milk say so! This new brew from New Holland Brewing recently put out a call asking for folks to tell their legend. As someone who likes to spin a good tale, I sat myself down and told my legend to these fine folks. And although it was no shock to me, I was selected as one of five finalists for their #ShareALegend contest. So, from now until November 28th, there will be a voting period to choose the best legend.

The winner of the grand prize gets a nice little sum for their efforts, but what drew me to this contest was the 2nd part of the grand prize. $5,000 to a charity! If there's one thing I love more than winning these contests, it is winning money for a charity. The folks at Dragon's Milk have a list of approved charities you could pick from, and I've made my selection, if I am lucky enough to win: The Dramatists Guild Foundation.

Who are they? Via their website:

Dramatists Guild Foundation (DGF) is a national charity that fuels the future of American theater by supporting the writers who create it. DGF fosters playwrights, composers, lyricists, and book writers at all stages of their careers. We sponsor educational programs; provides awards, grants, and stipends; offers free space to create new works, and gives emergency aid to writers in need. By supporting and nurturing the creators of today, we protect the stories of tomorrow.

We depend heavily on contributions from individuals to carry out our mission. Your support helps to ensure that writers across the country can continue their vital work.

Why did I pick them?

I'm a big believer in the creative arts, and there are not enough writers, composers, or lyricists in the world. Sure, I'm a creative adventurer, but the $5,000 to this charity could help the next great writer get their start, and I would love to help with that. I mean at the very least, it would only add to my legend.

So, my friends, vote for my legend today and go and find yourself a nice six-pack of Dragon's Milk. When you do, be sure to tell the New Holland Brewing company that Colt Sebastian Taylor sent you. You won't get anything, but that'll be funny if that happens so much it gets back to me.

The video that made me a legend.

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