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A Shout Out To Thump Local

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They are particularly good at designing responsive websites, a must nowadays and specialize in making sure your business gets onto the directories they need to be on and keep track of them. Sure, it's great to be listed in a directory of companies, but if people are wrongly slamming you for things and besmirching your reputation, you'll need to know about it. Based out of New York, these folks know talent.

How do I know? I have it on good authority that they often check out my videos.

Anyways, they also, from time to time, have a video contest. They had one last year, which I was nudged out by the very talented Jose Pizarro. This year, however, they had more than one winner, and I took 2nd place. My plan next year is to team up with Jose somehow. I think a crossover video of some sort would rock the competition.

As you may know, I've dipped my toe in the online marketing world offering my services as a product tester, marketer, and entrepreneur. So why am I plugging the fine folks at Thump Local? Sure, I did win one of their contests, but I win a lot of these with my awesomeness. I'm singling them out because they do outstanding work and I think you should check them out and consider them if you are looking for good online marketing. Of course, I want you to hire me, but I also want you to shop around and find the right people for your business.

Now if Thump Local were smart, they would scoop me up and have me do commercials for them for their clients. I proposed this idea in a previous blog post, and I still think it's a valid plan. As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of Ernest P. Worrell. Before he Saved Christmas or Camp, he did a bunch of commercials for a bunch of brands in the South. I think I'd be good at that and pretty cost effective. Imagine me, Colt Sebastian Taylor, blowing into local New York City area businesses doing commercials "exploring" the services and products they sold. I mean, it practically writes itself.

Will Thump Local one day take the big step and hire an adventurer, I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy my winning video from this year's contest.

This is the video from last year that did not win. However, I feel like this was again another good 2nd place video if they had a 2nd place winner last year.

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