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Yes And Travel - A Trip Across The United States

Friends, from time to time you just need to go and do something. For some, it is taking a day off of work and day drink. For others, it's driving up to Lake Placid to see the sights, even if you don't win a contest. For me, it's filming movie reviews and product demos and not really ever being paid for them.

For my friend Mike Connor, it is biking across these United States.

Yes, starting next month (September 2018), my good friend Mike will be departing from Philadelphia and biking over 3,000 miles to the Pacific Ocean. He plans to head south first and then west across the nation. Along the way, between different couch surfing arrangements, he is going to be teaching free improv workshops along the way. He's a sort of Johnny Appleseed, but instead of trespassing and littering apple seeds all over the place, he'll be spreading improv and laughs. Every single thing he plans on taking with him will fit on his bike. Needless to say, this is indeed a great adventure, and it will take him a bit to get back.

He calls this project "Yes and Travel." He will be documenting his adventures on Facebook & Twitter. (Click on the links to follow those accounts.) You should definitely be following him. I will be following his adventures and will be sharing his posts on my channels from time to time. Check out one of his latest videos of a trip around the Philadelphia area.

If Mike's overall awesomeness inspires you, help support him in his travels and kick him a few bucks to his Go Fund Me Page.

To the right is a great video summing up his adventure!

Mike is an amazingly talented person. Check out a few of his videos:

Frankie The Pope

Subterranean Homesick Preemptive Apology

Bonus Video! Mike made a cameo in one of my videos.

Good luck Mike and safe travels!

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