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New AFC Urgent Care Opens - AFC Urgent Care Levittown

Hello friends!

I have some delightful news to share with you. As you know, I am a big fan of AFC Urgent Care Centers. They are my go-to place when I suffer a nonlife-threatening illness or injury. Even if you aren't an adventurer like me, there are going to to be times when you need immediate urgent care. It beats going to an expensive emergency room, and I've found that AFC Urgent Care Centers serve you very promptly.

Well, my friends, a brand new, state of the art AFC Urgent Care Center has opened in Levittown, PA! Their first official day of operations is today, August 23rd, 2018! I was lucky enough to be invited to their open house a couple of days beforehand where they gave tours of the facility. I've attended a couple of other grand openings of AFC Urgent Care centers in the Philadelphia area and always enjoy checking them out. First and foremost, there is always great food at these events. You can pretty much get me to come to anything if there is something good to eat there. (Hint: Sushi) Second, these facilities are always built to the highest standards.

Check out these pictures:

At AFC Urgent Care Levittown, you could visit their walk-in medical clinic for a variety of reasons with no appointment needed. This includes:

Urgent Care - When you need stitches for a deep laceration or to be checked out if you've come down with the flu or strep throat

X-rays - If you've sprained or strained an area of your body, it is always good to check for fractures.

Physicals - While it is easy to get these examinations often required for school, camp, sports, or for a job, it can be hard to schedule them. No appointment is needed for this thorough exam, and they can also administer specialized DOT Physicals and Immigration Physicals.

Vaccines - As an adventurer, I do a lot of overseas traveling. I always check in with an AFC Urgent Care Center to have them check to see if I need any vaccines before I depart. Plus, they will make sure all of my other immunizations are up to date. Finally, I always swing by for my annual flu shot.

Lab Work - Their state of the art lab can process drug & alcohol screenings as needed for physicals or employment. They can also test for the flu, strep throat, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other infections.

Occupational Medicine - Whenever I employ a sidekick, pilot, or someone else, I make sure I send them to an AFC Urgent Care Center when they get hurt or sick. It is much cheaper than a traditional emergency room, and they will always take good care of them. I also send potential hires to their walk-in clinic for pre-employment physicals and screenings to make sure they are fit for the job.

Here are some highlights from their Grand Opening Event.

So my friends, if there is one place to go for immediate urgent care, it is AFC Urgent Care. They are close to having over 200 locations in the United States. In the Philadelphia area, I have personally visited locations in Downingtown, West Chester, Narberth, South Philly, Aston, Havertown, and Willow Grove. There is an additional location in Phoenixville that I haven't personally been to yet, but I've met the owner, and he's as professional as the other owners in the area.

In closing, if you need Urgent Care in the Levittown, PA or nearby Tullytown PA, visit my friends at AFC Urgent Care Levittown. No appointment is ever required, they are open seven days a week, and accept most major insurances.

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