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Chief Donut Officer - #CST4CDO

As I frequently mention, I am an adventurer, entrepreneur, and amateur everything. Over the years I've been many amateur things: Lawncare professional, bartender, mole hunter, outdoorsman, and many others. However, I'd like to take a bold step forward and soon introduce myself as Colt Sebastian Taylor. Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Chief Donut Officer.

You see, the fine folks at Entenmann’s are looking for a Chief Donut Officer for their company. I mean, it's not every day that a world-famous company like Entenmann’s is searching for someone for such an important role. It's a really brilliant move by this company. Some so-called donut companies would just pick from a small group of people for this position. By putting the call out to the world, Entenmann's are broadening their horizons. Sure, technically this is an "honorary" position, but I plan to make the most of it. If the fine folks at this company pick me for this position, they will not regret it.

You may be asking yourself, "Hey Colt! What makes you better than some Tom, Dick, or Joe?" Well, allow me to elaborate:

  • My name is Colt, which is a way cooler name.

  • I bring my considerable experience in eating donuts to accurately, and adequately assess the donut output at Entenmann’s.

  • I am very active making videos and on social media and would continuously plug the fact that I am the Chief Donut Officer, further pushing the brand.

  • Most importantly, I am Colt Sebastian Taylor.

To expand on that last point, I'm not just some fella who wants a year's supply of donuts. (Granted, that did peak my attention.) I'm someone who wants to be a brand spokesman. That means making fun videos, interviewing fans for the brand, the workers that make the products, introducing new products, just being the go-to adventurer to talk about Entenmann ’s. It makes perfect sense to me. When you hire Colt Sebastian Taylor, it isn't a one-shot deal. I'm in for the long haul until you get rid of me.

Generally, when I am gunning for a job, I submit my paperwork and wait to hear back from them. However, I thought it was vital for this job to be filled by someone who was truly qualified to be the Chief Donut Officer. So, at a secret, unnamed location somewhere in Philadelphia I held a press conference. I broke into all major networks to carry the press conference. I'm not sure if you saw it or not, it was at an odd hour. My good friend, Roger the Warehouse Monster, introduced me.

Will I become the next Chief Donut Officer at Entenmann’s? With your help... perhaps I will!

Colt Sebastian Taylor for Chief Donut Officer! #CST4CBO

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