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Two New Videos - Thump Local & High Bar Shirts

Greetings friends!

It has been awhile since I've entered a video contest, but two recently caught my attention, and I had to film something for submission.

I filmed something for Thump Local last year for their annual contest. However, I did not make the cut for that contest. With that said, they were very positive with their feedback, and I'm pretty sure they subscribe to my YouTube page. Last year I did a bit more of an abstract concept about Thump Local, this year I point blank told you why you should hire these folks. Regardless if I make the cut or not, you should check out their website and consider them for some work. They are quality people and if you need help with digital marketing, getting reviews, or for website design, you should consider them. These are just a few of the many areas where they could help you.

Check out my video for them this year below.

Next, I filmed a video for High Bar Shirt Company.

This company creates customized shirts for you. You can build your shirt online so it will fit perfectly for you. Their slogan is "Create a beautiful shirt that fits you the way you want it to." They have sports shirts, dress shirts, and casual shirts available to order. You can order these shirts online and have them mailed right to you. It's easy peasy. You may be thinking to yourself, "Oh yea, a new company? Do they know how to make T-shirts?" Well, my friends, the High Bar Shirt Company is one of the oldest shirt factories in the United States. They've been in business since 1933, and all of their shirts are made in the USA. Simply put, they know their shirts. Visit their website today and check them out.

Check out my video for them below:

Bonus video!

My Thump Local video for last year.

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