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The other day I came across a rock. Not shocking. However, this rock had an eye on it. It was staring right at me. I thought this could be one of two things:

A: A magic rock that would grant me a series of wishes or the winning lotto numbers. Possibly both.

B: A clue to a multinational conspiracy that would take me around the world solving mysteries with Tom Hanks.

It turns out it was neither. It was a "Kindness Rock." People, from all over the country, take rocks and paint pictures or inspirational messages on them and leave them in places for other people to find. These people then either keep the rock or place it somewhere else for others to find. While I have heard of this project before, I have never found a rock out in the wild until now. I will tell you what, it was a delightful experience to find it. I couldn't help but wonder who had painted it, who had found it, and who had left it there, how long it had been there, and what that person was thinking. Whoever "JB" is, they did a very nice paint job.

There are a ton of websites and Facebook pages dedicated to this project. However, this particular rock is connected to a Facebook Group called "Berk County Rocks!" It has over 13,000 members, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

I've looked at this group and their posts, and I've been inspired to create some rocks of my own. I don't know when I will be doing this, probably on some rainy day in the coming months. When I do, maybe I'll film the creation phase of them. If you live in the Berks County area, you should join the group or find a group near you. There are plenty of great tips on how to acquire rocks, how to prepare them, and a lot of helpful rules to follow. (Like don't leave them inside businesses or somewhere a lawn mower might hit it.)

As for this rock, I thought about keeping it but I am going to pass it on and let someone else find it. According to the Facebook group, it's more fun to give a hint on where you left it.

Here is my hint, which may or may not be obvious.

I've left it near a location in Berks County where, on a clear day, you can see the Comcast Tower in Philadelphia.

If you find it, tweet me and let me know.

Want to do some on your own? You can easy get some rocks, paint, brushes, and sealant on Amazon or a local craft store.

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